Guide to Pizza 🍕 in Bartlett


Editors Note: Many of the attached reviews are not up to date due to covid-19.


Updated May 2020

People love pizza. It’s hard not to. But with all of the topping options, how do you decide what to eat?

Do you prefer the traditional pie with pepperoni and sausage?

What about keto pizza, whole wheat pizza, Chicago style?

Maybe you’re in the mood for less common toppings like jalapeños, mayonnaise, and bulgogi?


It should come to no surprise that America’s favorite food has a strong presence in Bartlett.

We have looked and found fifteen local restaurants dedicated to serving pizza.

With so many choices there is definitely something for everyone.

Let us know your favorites at [email protected] 

Little Italy Bartlett

(901) 380-5504
7717 US-70, Bartlett, TN 38133
View Little Italy Bartlett’s menu:

Little Italy offers some of the best Italian food in Bartlett. With a relaxed family-friendly atmosphere you are sure to be pleased.

Exlines’ Best Pizza In Town – Bartlett

(901) 382-3433
6250 Stage Rd #3728, Bartlett, TN 38134
View Exlines’ Best Pizza In Town – Bartlett‘s menu

Walt and Vi Exline started Exlines’ Best Pizza in Town in 1974 with one goal in mind: serve the best pizza with the best quality.

Milano’s Pizza – Memphis Arlington

(901) 372-4849
6525 Memphis Arlington Rd #105, Bartlett, TN 38135
See Milano’s Pizza – Memphis Arlington’s menu:

Milano’s Pizza offers New York style pizza in the heart of Bartlett. Served in their casual family friendly atmosphere.

Milano’s Pizza – US-64

(901) 380-7800
7625 US-64 #109, Bartlett, TN 38133
View Milano’s Pizza US 64 menu:

Milano’s Pizza offers New York style pizza in the heart of Bartlett. Served in their casual family friendly atmosphere.

Isabella’s Pizza

(901) 382-1007
2801 Bartlett Blvd, Memphis, TN 38134
View Isabella’s Pizza menu:

Isabella’s is dedicated to providing high-quality New York-style pizza with fresh ingredients and friendly service.

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(901) 383-1122
2850 Appling Rd, Memphis, TN 38133
View Coletta’s menu:

A proud, family owned Memphis business serving Italian food and famous BBQ pizza

Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza

(901) 266-3491
2690 Kirby Whitten Rd #105, Memphis, TN 38133
View Papa Murphy’s menu:

Papa Murphy’s is Bartlett’s only take ‘n bake pizza. You pick the toppings, they assemble the pizza. Bake it in your home for a hot and fresh meal made with quality ingredients.

Read Ali D.‘s review of Papa Murphy’s on Yelp

Jet’s Pizza

(901) 383-5387
7780 US-64, Bartlett, TN 38133
View Jet’s pizza menu:

Known for their crunchy Detroit-style pizza. Jet’s pizza offers a variety of toppings and flavored pizza crust. Wings, salads and delivery are available.

Read Elizabeth M.‘s review of Jets Pizza on Yelp

Marco’s Pizza

(901) 266-4676
5730 Stage Rd, Bartlett, TN 38134
See Marco’s Pizza menu:

Marco’s is known for their old world pepperoni pizza and their never ending community involvement.

Pizza Hut

(901) 372-7260
2919 Elmore Park Rd #1, Memphis, TN 38134
See Pizza Hut’s menu:

Founded in 1958 who doesn’t know about Pizza hut? Unfortunately the old dine in location on Stage rd closed in 2016.(see our gone but not forgotten section) The location on Elmore Park is carry out and delivery only.

Read Jacqueline W.‘s review of Pizza Hut on Yelp

Cicis Pizza

(901) 387-0999
6600 Stage Rd Ste 123, Bartlett, TN 38134
View Cicis menu:

Bartlett Cici’s pizza buffet offers a variety of pizza styles, salads and dessert.  Served in a family focused friendly atmosphere.

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Read Tiffany J.‘s review of Cicis on Yelp

Domino’s Pizza

(901) 373-6391
6490 Memphis Arlington Rd #103, Bartlett, TN 38135
Domino’s Pizza menu:

What hasn’t been said about Domino’s pizza already? Delivery or carry out american style pizza. Oh, and a quick google search will show a ton of coupons for Domino’s.

Read Terrie F.‘s review of Domino’s Pizza on Yelp

Little Caesars Pizza

(901) 377-1122
5985 Stage Rd, Bartlett, TN 38134
Little Caesars menu:

$5 pizzas, you couldn’t ask for much more than that! Located in the always busy Bartlett Towne Center expect to have trouble with parking.

Read Jake R.‘s review of Little Caesars Pizza on Yelp

Papa John’s Pizza

(901) 373-6080
6836 Stage Rd, Bartlett, TN 38134
See Papa John’s menu:

One of America’s most popular pizza deliveries, of course there is a location in Bartlett. Always a popular choice for parties and football. Both delivery or carry out are available.

Read Ginny S.‘s review of Papa John’s Pizza on Yelp

Domino’s Pizza

(901) 383-8282
7539 US-64, Memphis, TN 38133
See Domino’s Pizza menu:

Pizza, chicken, sandwiches, pasta, bread, desserts and drinks delivered to almost anywhere in Bartlett.

Read Terrie F.‘s review of Domino’s Pizza on Yelp

Gone but not forgotten


Even good restaurants can close, Bartlett has had its share of restaurants closing.

Stevi B’s Pizza

2990 Kirby Whitten Rd, Bartlett, TN 38134 – Closed around 2017
Pop’s comfort kitchen filled this location.

Pizza Hut

6072 Stage Rd, Bartlett – Closed around 2015
This location was torn down and replaced by Krispy Kreme

Jimmy’s Chicago-style hot dogs

6773 Stage Rd – Closed around 2012
Jimmy’s had an epic Chicago deep-dish pizza. The behemoth pizza could feed two families.

A note about reviews
Reviews are courtesy of various social sites. When possible we get as close to the local review as possible, but occasionally those reviews such as the ones for national brands are not always available.